Helpful Homeowner Reminders

Neo-Traditional Homeowners

Welcome to the community.

We would also like to share with you some diverse items that will hopefully be of value to you and contribute to our community’s quality of life.

  • Many shutters have faded and need to be painted.  Painting is the responsibility of the Neo-Traditional Homeowner.  The paint colors must match the existing color.  If you would like to change the color on your home, you must first request and receive written approval from the Board of Directors using our Alteration Request Form.
  • Replacement of dead plants is the responsibility of the homeowner.  If you have any dead plants, please remove them and replace.  If you need assistance you may contact JML Landscape for a proposal, Will Kmetz, JML Landscape Management, 412-767-4994 ext. 303.  Please make sure you water your grass and plants to ensure survival.
  • Please respect the 5MPH speed limit through our alleyways.
  • Please remember to complete and forward to Acri Commercial Realty an “Alteration Request Form” when any outside changes to your home are planned.  The alteration request form is available on the community website under e-forms.
  • Industry experts suggest furnace filters be replaced on a regular basis (at least every three months).
  • When your home is vacant for an extended period of time it is suggested that your water be turned off at the main shut-off within the home. Also, the Fox Chapel Water Authority requests that they be notified when the water in one’s home is turned off for this extended period.
  • If your home is a rental please make sure your tenants are aware and are respectful of our bylaws.
  • Remember to disconnect all outside hoses in the winter.
  • Recognizing there are times when we all need additional public street parking for events we are hosting, we are at the same time asking consideration be given to other Chapel Harbor Homeowners when possible.