Introducing Acri Dues Payment

Acri Dues Payment

How to get started today:

  1. For Broadmore CLICK HERE (Your account number is 1550-XXX. Replace the X’s with your house number)
  2. For Fairgate CLICK HERE  (Your account number is 1540-XXX. Replace the X’s with your house number)
  3. For Neo CLICK HERE  (Your account number is 1530-XXX. Replace the X’s with your house number)
    1. Enter your Account Number.
    2. Register and create a login name and password.
    3. Select setup “AutoPay” or “Make One-Time Payment”.
    4. For those of you already enrolled in autopay: Create a username and password to view your account balances. No need to set-up payments, you are in the system.
    5. Get User Guide for DuesPayment.Feel free to contact DuesPayment if you have any questions regarding the program.Phone: 866.807.0938Email: CustomerService@DuesPayment.comWeb: DuesPayment.comContact Mary Delenko at Acri Commercial Realty, Inc. regarding your AutoPay.