Rules and Regulations of Chapel Harbor at the Water



These Rules and Regulations are adopted pursuant to the Declaration of Planned Community and the By-Laws and may be enforced in accordance with those documents.
The Executive Board reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations at any time from time to time.
The Units and Common Elements (including Limited Common Elements) shall be used only for the purposes set forth in the Declaration and By-Laws.

  1. No resident shall make or permit any noise to be made that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any of the Units in the Planned Community do or permit anything to be done that will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other residents.  This includes motorized vehicles, radios, fireworks, discharge of firearms, etc.
  2. Owners are responsible for any property damage caused by the families, pets, guests or decorative items including, without limitation, wreaths or other door decorations.
  3. Owners will be responsible for all damage to any other Units or to the Common Elements resulting from such Owner’s failure or negligence to make any necessary repairs to his Unit.
  4. Each Owner is solely responsible for the proper care and maintenance of his Unit.  Maintenance of the Common Elements and structural repair of the Limited Common Elements is the responsibility of the Association, but is charged as a General Common Expense or Limited Common Expense, as the Declaration provides.
  5. The Association shall in no event be liable for the loss, destruction, theft or damage of personal property placed on any Common or Limited Common Elements.
  6. Bicycle riding is permitted on paved areas or on trails only.
  7. No skateboarding in any area of the Planned Community is permitted.


1.      All personal property shall be stored within the Units.

2.      Only neutral (white, ivory, or crème or neutral wood stain) blinds, drapes or linings thereof, which may be visible from the exterior, will be permitted.

3.      Screen doors (white or neutral color only, with clear glass only) will be permitted with the approval of the Executive Board.

4.      Reasonable front door decorations are permitted providing they do not detract from the general appearance of the Building.  Holiday decorations must be removed within a reasonable time after the holiday.

5.      Laundry, towels, rugs, etc. shall not be hung outdoors on lines or deck railings.

6.      Annual flowers and plants may be planted in mulch areas in the proximity of each Unit.  However, large decorative shrubs must be compatible with the landscaping plan and may be planted only with prior written approval of the Executive Board.

7.      Driveways, sidewalks and stoops shall be kept free of trash, trash cans and debris.

8.      Except as required by law or applicable FCC regulation, no radio or television antenna and/or satellite dish shall be erected or installed on the exterior walls of a dwelling or on the Lot or Common Elements, including the roof, by any Unit Owner.  All permitted antenna or dishes must be in a location approved by the Executive Board.

9.      No Owner shall repair or restore any vehicle while on Common or Limited Common Elements

10.  Statues, artificial plants and trees, and other decorative accessories, except planters, are not permitted.  Planters may only be placed on stoops/porches and not in the Common Elements.

11.  Each Owner shall be required to maintain their Lot and dwelling in good repair and maintenance, except only those items of repair and maintenance that are assumed by the Association.


Garbage may not be placed at the curb until after 7:30 p.m on the day prior to pick-up.
Receptacles must be removed from the curb side the day of the pick-up.
Trash pick-up will be on the day specified by the Township.


Sidewalks and entrances to the Units shall not be obstructed.
No Unit Owner or occupier shall store any explosives, or large quantities of flammable material or hazardous products within his Unit.


No Common Elements shall be altered without the prior written consent of the Executive Board.
No exterior changes or alterations, including painting, can be made to the Unit unless approved by Executive Board.  Unit owners will be permitted to install storm doors provided they have clear glass and only neutral colors, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
No Unit Owner shall make or permit any interior addition or alteration to his Unit which could or might affect the structural integrity of the Unit.


The Units are to be used as single family units only.
No business, industry, trade or occupation, excepting only limited professional activities within a Unit as permitted by the Township of O’Hara and approved by the Executive Board, shall be conducted, maintained or permitted in any part of the Planned Community.
No animals of any kind may be raised, bred or kept in the Planned Community except as stated under Section J,”Pets.”
No Owner or occupier shall permit anything to be done or kept in his Unit or in the Common Elements which will violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation any governmental body.

LEASING: An Owner may lease or sublease his Unit (but not less than the entire Unit) at any time provided that:

No Unit may be leased or subleased for transient or hotel purposes, and must be at least one year in length.
The Executive Board must approve the form of lease or sublease.
A copy of such lease or sublease shall be furnished to the Executive Board within ten (10) days after execution of the lease.
Unit Owners are fully responsible for their tenant’s adherence to the Declaration, By-Laws, these Rules and Regulations and the Act.


Only licensed motorized vehicles are allowed in driveways and streets of the Planned Community.  Parking of automobiles in streets shall only be permitted for visitors of Owners and only during the period of the visit.
No recreational vehicles, motor-homes, boats, or the like shall be parked in the driveways or streets in excess of one (1), twenty-four (24) hour period during any one (1) calendar month period.
No vehicles of any kind not utilized on a daily basis shall be “stored” in the driveways or streets.  No autos shall be stored under protective coverings during the winter months in the driveways or streets.
No vehicle which is un-drivable, due to damage or mechanical failure, or which is not bearing a valid registration plate or current inspection sticker, will be parked for more than seventy-two (72) hours in the driveways or parking areas.  Such vehicles will be towed in accordance with the schedule of Violations and Penalties set forth in these Rules and Regulations.


Pets may be maintained in a Unit so long as it or they are not a nuisance.  Actions that will constitute a nuisance include, but are not limited to, abnormal or unreasonable crying, barking, scratching, offensive hygiene or odor, or an unreasonable number of pets.  No pets may be maintained outside the Unit.
Pets must be leashed and accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  Leashes may not exceed six (6) feet in length.  No pet may be tied, staked, attached to run or be allowed outside the Unit unattended in any other way.
All pets must be registered and inoculated as required by law.
Each Unit Owner shall indemnify and hold harmless the Association from any claims made as a result of the action of their (or their tenant’s guest’s, etc.) pets.
Owners must comply with all ordinances of the Township of O’Hara governing pets.
Unit Owners must protect the property of others from damage by their pets and will be liable for any damages caused by their pets.
Unit Owners must promptly clean up their pets’ droppings.
The Association may require the permanent removal of any pet violating these rules upon written notice to the Unit Owner.


Except as approved by the Executive Board, no playhouse, tree house, tool house, barn, greenhouse, gazebo or outbuilding or structure of any type detached from the dwelling, or any children’s play equipment or recreational equipment, can be constructed or placed on any Lot.  Portable equipment or recreation equipment will be permitted with the approval of the Executive Board and subject to the provision that it is stored within dwelling when not in use.
Hot tubs and Jacuzzis will be permitted subject to the right of the Executive Board to approve size, design, materials and location.
With any exterior modification, Owners must fill out and submit an alteration request form to the Management Company.